About ShipTek 2019 – Singapore

The legacy of ShipTek continues to take its position as a benchmark for the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas Sector. After 2009, ShipTek is back again in Singapore. ShipTek has become a world brand in Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector.

Previous editions of ShipTek has been extraordinarily successful and already established as one of the leading events on the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector. Aimed at key decision makers and high level policy takers within the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector, the event takes place at a time when there is growing optimism about the future of many sectors of the regional shipping business. The Conference aims to focus on key market trends, giving attendees a unique insight into the opportunities that exist. The intention is that attendees will leave the event with a much clearer idea about future trade patterns, and market influences, so they are better placed build the foundations for longer term business growth.

ShipTek has been blessed with a continuum of leader’s foresights and hence is an event that is setting a revolution in the Maritime world. Your esteemed support has brought ShipTek this far and we believe that your continual support will be with us throughout. The forerunners of ShipTek were all billed as ideal events which orchestrated turnarounds in the marine world.

The international maritime metropolis Singapore is going to be epicenter of this scintillating celebration of mariners. This mega event will comprise of the following integral segments:

  • One day International Conference on the hottest current issues
  • ShipTek International Awards

The ShipTek International Awards are considered to be the most prestigious awards in Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector which is the main stay of ShipTek 2019, an opportunity to walk up the steps of credence.

Welcome fresher’s those who are new!! Welcome the seasoned!! Welcome back to this journey of exploration, revelation and awe. Welcome into the ideal haven of mariners, with versatility in ideas and vibrancy in deliverance.


  • Ship Management : Contemporary Developments and Implications
  • An Operators Perspective – Future of Maritime Autonomy
  • Energy efficient Ship design and Operation
  • The impact of Digitalization in the Shipping Industry
  • Ship Owning and Ship Management Market Outlook - Future trends
  • Methods to bring down operational cost- Ship management
  • The Local and Regional Shipping Market Outlook
  • Effective and efficient steps to safe guard Ship Owning and Ship Management security against Cyber & Piracy Attacks
  • Computer Applications in Design / Building of Ships & Offshore Structures
  • Marine Communications
  • Global Shipping Industry-Prospects and Issues
  • International Shipping Operational Efficiency standards
  • Efficiency Improvement Parameters for Offshore Operations
  • Crewing and Manning Factors, MLC compliance for managing OSVs
  • Financial Concerns in the Offshore Sector operations
  • Logistic Management in regards to the Shipping Industry.
  • LNG Bunkers – An overview of global Infrastructure
  • Vetting from Commercial & Technical Perspective
  • Rules & Regulation - Classification society focus
  • Energy, Environment safety & Risk assessment - Global Outlook
  • Proposed Mandatory energy efficiency measures for Shipping
  • Global Shipping Industry-Prospects and Issues
  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems: Closer look on regulations, technologies, monitoring etc.
  • Scrubber Systems – 2020 enforcement for controlled sulfur emissions
  • Considerations for Scrubber Retrofitting heading to 2020